Do you really need social media?

Yes, absolutely – even Buckingham Palace knows that!  The Queen podcast her first Christmas message in 2006, the Royal Channel went live on YouTube in 2007, a Royal Twitter account was launched in 2009,  and Flickr and Facebook pages brought Britain’s most traditional institution right on trend in 2010. Why? Because even the Royal Family needs to stay engaged, responsive, relevant and in touch.


online-businessProbably the most important reason for embracing social media within your marketing strategy is that, whatever the platform, it allows you to be where your audience is as part of their community.  As such, social media tools are an essential part of business communications, building a network and creating trusting relationships.

Think about the cost and constraints involved in conducting a physical market research project.  Social media, on the other hand, are the eyes and ears of your business, keeping you in touch with what your audiences are thinking and talking about, liking or rejecting, and providing instant feedback you can learn marketing saves time

They’re also the mouthpiece for your business, enabling you to promote your products and services to a targeted audience, or voice your thoughts, opinions and advise on issues that can establish you as a trusted expert in your field.


As a digital marketing specialist, ReVive Me Marketing likes to action ourselves what we advise our clients.  NPPM_FlyerFront_1
You’ll find regular comments and postings on our Facebook page as well as information and reminders to special interest groups on upcoming meetings and events.  This is an invaluable tool for maintaining professional contact with a personal touch.  It’s also a great way to celebrate the successes of our clients, to give added value to their own marketing efforts.

So are our regular GETsmart eNewsletters and Twitter feeds, whilst LinkedIn supports our professional profile and industry expertise.

Pro-active clients such as New Plymouth Property Management have gone a step further, not only using Facebook to connect with target audiences but developing a SMART mobile app to communicate directly to clients’ mobile devices anytime, anywhere.


Deciding which social media platforms are right for you can be confusing and advise from a ICT savvy marketing agency can save you lots of wasted time and money, especially for  SMBs without a dedicated IT or marketing specialist.


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