Marketing Audit

Select growth markets and attractive segments

Improve marketing systems, effectiveness and capabilities

A REMC marketing audit analyses the marketing objective, functions and resources to generate more sales.

An audit could be your most valuable investment. Its purpose is to review effectiveness of current marketing activities, and put the right priorities and action in place. The audit process identifies immediate opportunities and areas where communications could be enhanced to meet your specific goals.

Even organisations with highly skilled marketing departments could benefit from having an objective and unbiased consultant conduct a marketing review. The end result is to help your team set priorities and recommend a strategy to move forward.


  • Provides an objective overview on current state, quality and effectiveness of your marketing strategy
  • Identifies successful activities to gain a competitive advantage
  • Defines areas that require coordinated work and resources, which assist internal relationships
  • Clients benefit from improved marketing, resulting in engagement and higher potential revenue


The audit reviews:
Internal marketing team capability and processes employed

  • Team structure and communications processes
  • Quality of service from suppliers
  • Strategic and incentive rewards

External marketing communications:
What is established to your clients, stakeholders and prospective audiences:

  • Current brand profile and consumer’s perspective
  • Industry profile and target market focus
  • Impact of marketing activity versus budget

Audit completes with an assembled report:
The final review is compiled which outlines and identifies

  • Insight into market functionality report
  • Overall marketing challenges and needs
  • Priority and actionable checklist for team

Review current marketing management and performance.

A four pronged approach to define challenges:

  1. Turn-around: What operational tasks are broken and need a major re-work?
  2. Re-alignment: What tasks you are doing that needs minor tuning?
  3. Sustain : What tasks are working well and should be maintained?
  4. Start-up: What aren’t you doing and should be doing?


Supported by an independent assessor, an REMC consultant offers a systematic way of uncovering a firm’s marketing capability, existing information systems and challenges. The functional team within a business is fully involved in the marketing audit.

A completed review recommends best methods, necessary information and staffing skills to deploy marketing efforts.

Duration of a marketing audit is recommended at 2 to 3 months.
Commitment and time from management, service delivery staff and partners are required.

After the marketing audit is complete, building a marketing plan is recommended.
That process will break down resources needed, budgeting and the impact of marketing for desired outcomes.

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