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A successful website is one that helps attract prospect, persuasively leads through the buying process and funnels information and action as your most important sales tool. It takes time, thought planning and continuous updates to get your website to be found and rank high with the right keywords that your prospect are typing on Google to search for. Once on your website, information presented has to be interesting, valuable and fresh to help your prospective buyers feel like they can trust engaging with you.

ReVive ME Marketing Consultants (REMC) can help to define what is important to establish an online profile and prepare a online marketing strategy that works for your business and communications purpose.

To have a successful web presence, a website and online marketing requires more then graphic and web design.

Revive me marketing works to understand your marketing content, review competitors sites and their strategy.

Create an integrated strategy to structure the web information,  publish necessary information that helps to persuade and convert prospect into customers.

Quick check list: What is your online marketing situation?

  • Do you have a user-friendly, content-rich, aesthetically pleasing website?
  • Is information presented on your website and other industry directories easily found?
  • Is the website search engine optimised?
  • Is there a distinct call to action for your prospect?
  • How does your website view on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and iPads?
  • Do you analysis the source of traffic/ people looking for your products or services online regularly?
  • Have you started to use social media tools and set-up Linked in, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    but are now unsure what is the whole fuss is and are looking for a smarter way to manage them?



  • Create a distinct web presence and online brand
  • Be found online and set up a online content and conversion strategy
  • Get ranked on the top search result on Google, through organic key search words and phase
  • Increase site traffic, Sales inquiries and revenue
  • Save time and resources by automating key customer marketing information such as database and purchase history.


Web functionality check

  • Site navigation and link structure test
  • Ensure content is concise and updated
  • Content article writing and proofreading

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Comprehensive website functionality check
  • Research competitive  key words for SEO optimisation
  • Web analytics- Incoming visitors statistics and build reputable links

Search, Social media and Content Management

  • Professional company profile write-up and services update
  • Content marketing strategy, article writing and media submission
  • Online advertising and promotional campaign set-up

REMC SEO and services options:

No time? Want get social for your business, brand engaged, build growing base of friends and followers.
Get us to kick start and update your social media presence and an online marketing campaign

Kick Start Package Special: For only NZ$250, you get…

  • Get a web audit and SEO report
  • Generate and analysis list of top search words that attracts local web searching prospect
  • Online digital marketing profile for company on Linkedin and Face book
    with access to owner
  •  Set-up Google analytics tracking
  • Ongoing marketing support from NZ$300 per month for contract period of 6 months.
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