Branding and PR Communications

Develop a distinctive and successful brand

Invest in your brand strategy and build a difference

Branding and communications building

Ensure that your brand and message truly reflect your proposition.

Building a good brand creates a positive image and perception in the minds of your clients
and other important stakeholders(i.e. potential investors, financial institutes, distributors, general public).
Whether you are marketing to domestic or international markets, creating a successful brand requires several elements: a strong impression, consistency and valued experiences of your product or service. Delivering them well are the key successful factors for your enterprise.

Before you spend substantial resources, time and money on print, online media and other campaigns,
let us help you create an effective brand. We have graphic designers to produce creative and professional designs.


  • Build a successful brand identity that will successfully attract desirable markets
  • Develop a powerful marketing message and delivery
  • Grow brand value and retain clients


REMC helps to build strong brand profile with:

  • Competitive analysis and research
    -competitors’ strategies
    -audience perception
  • Print and online identity
    -graphic design and tagline
    -brand elements and web layout
  • Online profile and presence
    -Increase brand visibility and exposure

REMC refines what is visible and said:

  • Newsletters and brochures
  • Advertising and promotional materials
  • Attire and company vehicles
  • Public relations and elevated speech
    – networking and events opportunities
  • Copy writing, editing and proofing
  • Releases to media lists and databases

REMC considers your audience and purpose of each media.

With understanding of consumer behaviour, our job is to ensure that words, visual design and information flows effectively.
We complement by working with visual and multimedia talents to build a stronger brand message that is fit for your purpose.

Our work ensures that content and brand developed is fresh, consistent and well-represented to effectively appeal, inform and persuade target audiences. We can recommend designers or engage with your existing designer to structure media content and presentation.

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