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A common problem many businesses have is not knowing what marketing efforts have worked, or how effective they could or should be. An assessment with one-on-one guidance and support from a marketing professional will help clarify them.

REMC’s approach is to uncover your key challenges first. Next we conduct the necessary research, then deliver sound marketing advice and support. From developing a marketing strategy, creating your brand promise, conceptualising advertising and sales campaigns, to planning sound online content marketing and advertising strategy. We set achievable targets and tactics to connect with your desired audiences, media and clients.

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Branding & Communications

Ensure that your brand and message truly reflect your proposition.

Is your brand successful in converting clients and making positive advocates?
Does it communicate the right benefits?
Building a good brand creates a positive image and perception in the mind of your clients
and other important stakeholders (i.e. potential investors, financial institutes, distributors, general public).
Whether you are marketing to domestic or international markets, creating a successful brand requires several elements: A strong impression, consistency and valued experiences of your product or service.

Before you spend substantial time and money on print and online media promotions, let us help you create an effective brand campaign.


  • Build successful brand identity that is distinctive and consistent
  • Develop effective marketing delivery, media and publications
  • Plan promotion and lead generation activities

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Content & Social Media Marketing content-marketing services

Content Marketing is the creation and management of digital information such as blogs, social media updates, infographics, videos, eNewsletters, and  text on your website.

We can help with content creation, writing, copy editing, promotion, website updates and social media postings and research on trending topics, optimised for  search. (SEO).
It is important to have a content marketing strategy that aligns your business core values and reaching out to range of audiences’ needs, and preferred ways of consuming content.

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We offer:

Content Strategy Development

  • Editorial Calendar
  • Blog Content writing
  • Copy writing
  • Website content rewrite
  • SEO research and article distribution

Content Promotions

  • Paid Content Amplification
  • Email Newsletter Set-up and Marketing
  • Social Media Set-up , Posting and Promotions

Marketing Audit & Validation

Improve marketing effectiveness and capabilities with a review

An REMC marketing audit is an objective ‘marketing health check’.

The audit could be your most valuable investment, as its purpose is to put the right priorities in place.

Even organisations with highly skilled marketing departments could benefit from having an objective and unbiased consultant to conduct a marketing review. Our focus is to help your team set priorities and recommend a strategy to move forward.
The key objective is to recognise immediate opportunities and areas where communications could be enhanced.


  • Accurately pinpoint your sales and marketing efforts for more focused market approach
  • Identify high growth markets with market validation research and survey to to size market opportunity
  • Higher revenue potential from improved marketing efforts to reach target markets

To see more information on scope, click on Marketing audit

Market Development Strategy & Action Plan

Identify best growth opportunities for your company.
Maximise the success of your marketing efforts with a coordinated plan and budget

The challenge for managers engaged with day-to-day operations is the lack of time and appropriate human resources to prepare this critical plan.
REMC has developed a process to support the requirements to establish a clear and robust plan.


  • Market Development Plan gives clarity on the marketing budget and business road map
  • Validate market opportunities for product/service development, or extension
  • Maximise success and reduce risks with unbiased evaluation of market environment

To see more information on scope, click on Marketing development plan

Events Planning with Management Support

Maximise the benefits of a well-planned and managed event

Events are occasions and opportunities where we get to meet, network, receive invaluable feedback and stay relevant with market demands existing and potential clients in a given industry. Considered part of strategic and marketing communications tools, they are effective brand building opportunities. When an event is planned and executed well, it provides tremendous organisational and personal benefits.
REMC provides advisory and project management, to make sure that every step is taken and planned for success.


  • Pre-event planning, identifying target audiences
  • Creative concept and communications campaign
  • Event displays and marketing materials
  • Booth space and freight planning
  • Promotions and publicity
  • Media release and liaison
  • Sales and leads generation
  • Post-event analysis and evaluation

REMC specialises in product launches, trade conferences and exposition participation planning for domestic and international trade events. Call us to  discover how we can support your events planning needs.

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