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  • Cyber threats and ways to keep your wordpress website secure

    Recently we have experience more security threats and cyber attacks to our websites. For all our clients websites, we have download and use security application Wordfence and trialed another paid application SiteLock. Both of them have pros and cons, different cost structures and functions. In this article that we resourced from WordFence, it gives you an […]

  • Content Marketing is valuable currency in our knowledge economy

    We keep reading (and writing!) about the phenomenal power of content marketing – that ‘Content is King’, and a key contributor to the success of digital and social media marketing. Well, you may think it’s starting to sound a little clichéd, but it’s still as true as ever! Not only are nine out of 10 […]

  • Unleashing The New Mobile App Economy

    Mobile Apps have exploded onto the marketing landscape in recent years, re-shaping the way companies and consumers communicate and increasing the frequency, relevance and value of those interactions. That’s a powerful combination for building brand loyalty along with repeat business, and it’s a major driver behind the multi-billion dollar industry now known as the Mobile […]

  • Are You Capitalising on Content?

    From mass marketing, to direct marketing, to the ‘now’ era of social marketing: there’s no doubt that tapping in to the power of digital media is causing a radical shake up in the way companies ‘do’ marketing. For smaller businesses and entrepreneurs, it’s great news.  After all, you don’t need a big-business size budget to […]

  • 5 way social media can help small business grow

    In the past year, I have increasingly use Facebook as key communications app to message friends and customers, with almost instantaneous response. Sharing ideas, personalising messages, notifying future events and promotion offers through this medium, has solicit a much higher response to email marketing, when it is to a small, personal contact list. For more professional matters, industry […]

  • Why is updating your web content so important?

    Why is updating your web content so important? Is your website a wealth of interesting information for your audience? Does it regularly attract new visitors? Do you have a plan to regularly update your webpage, services information,blog articles? Does your social media posts generate new customers interest? Yes, publishing great web content is important for […]

  • #Hashtags-are you doing it right?

    Using hashtags is a critical part of success in social media. After all, it’s what makes your content discoverable by others. As simple as they may seem, there are right ways to use them, wrong ways to use them, and all sorts of nuances to understand in-between. For example: Do find out what relevant hashtags are […]

  • Loyalty via mobile: Show your customers some Love

    Customers are the heart of of any business. It is important to keep them happy, loyal and walking back through your door on a regular basis. What better way to guarantee their return than to reward them for each dollar they spend? Our advanced loyalty system allows you to give multiple rewards to all of […]

  • 6 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

    You’ve heard it many times before: social media is where it’s at when it comes to promoting your business. Social media offers  new ways to market your business. If you are not using it build communities, supporting customers, and keep your company on-the-edge. Are you using social media to increase public awareness of your brand, […]