Marketing service packages

with quick start package and fees

REMC presents marketing consultancy and services as an accessible and affordable investment.

REMC services & solutions delivered, specific to your enterprise needs.

Cost effective marketing packages :

We have  Quick Start and Kick Start marketing packages
with options of ongoing marketing support.
Each package highlights the key outcomes of each service set.

No budget to engage a full time marketing professional to support your marketing needs?
Engage a professional marketing consultant , get the right advice, support and results!
See pros of engaging a marketing consultant.

Monthly contracts and retainer options :

We offer  monthly contracts, set agreed goals and timeline to scope and extend marketing results.
Monthly marketing service contract rates are proposed on agreed scope.

  • contract terms are set-up to start with duration of 6 months basis
  • monthly reports
  • results reviewed bimonthly
  • fixed marketing budget for professionally managed services

Please contact us to discuss your interest and needs.
We’ll recommend the right service that would benefit your business direction and market position.

Kick Start SEO

Optimise your existing website and attract the right traffic

  • Audit website: full  functionality check
  • Research competitive  key words for SEO optimisation
  • Web Analytics & Strategy to
    review purpose and goal of site, visitors statistics

From $90

Marketing Fundamentals

Create more engaging content ‘about you’

  • Refresh your marketing information
  • Content marketing strategy, article writing and proof reading
  • Social media and newsletter set-up

From $80

Quick Start Branding

Review Brand Strategy
in a week

  • Build successful brand identity, format right design and tagline
  • Set-up digital media strategy, communications and media action
  • 8 hours consult with graphic design package

From $500

Quick Start Marketing

Outline a Marketing Plan
in a week

  • Outline a competitive position with a marketing plan
  • Identify best growth strategy with SMART tactics
  • Include 8 hours consult with competitive review

Invest $600

Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Market Validation, Development
Research & Plan

  • Dedicated marketing plan and competitive analysis to guide strategic marketing plan & process
  • Includes functional and operational assessment, prospective customer survey
  •  SMART marketing plan with action list, review and follow up.

From $2,500

Kick Start Video Marketing

A 3 to 4 min professional script, sound produced
video to promote your business

  • Clearly communicate your brand identity and product benefits
  • Increase brand awareness and customer knowledge
    of your products and/or services.
  • Use it for trade shows, in store promotions and websites

From $1,500

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract?

Dependent on nature of marketing consultancy and work deliverable, at first meeting and before commencement, we will discuss requirements. This includes duration of services, terms and conditions to fulfill our working obligations to reach the best outcomes for you.

We practice an open and honest professional working relationship.

Is my business sensitive information secure?

Yes. All plans and marketing activities that we discuss and deliver are never shared.
A non-disclosure agreement is signed upon engagement of any REMC services.

How do we arrange our meetings and consultations?

We arrange time to suit your working schedule. If you are based in Taranaki, New Zealand, we would like to arrange
a personal meeting at your organisation, along with key personnel that we will be working closely with. If you are outside this region, we can arrange for video conference with shared screens via skype.
We suggest for the first meeting, to be prepared and set aside 2 hours. An email agenda for any marketing service contracted will be sent 2 working days prior. Subsequent consultations and continued communications (i.e. research and support work) can be keep current through email and tel-conference, arranged to suit your needs. If you have a dedicated work group that you would like our consultant to work with on-site, we’ll be happy to arrange this as well.

What is REMC’s payment policy?

All rates are inclusive of GST and to be confirmed on service acceptance.
Payment for quick start services package are to be made with 50% deposit, immediately on first service consultation.
Subsequent and balance service fees are invoiced with 7 days credit.


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