Why content marketing is critical to SMEs?

When our prospects and customers have information at the palm of their hands, and mobile devices are an extension of our arms, how can we cut through all the clutter and present thoughtful information that our prospects and customer want and look forward to receiving from us?

With information and service request at a swipe, tap or voice searched, in the last 5 years there has been a major shift in focus towards content marketing as an integral part of marketing and business communications development.

To stay competitive in business, you need to view content and inbound marketing as a critical part of your business and marketing efforts.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and conversion rates are nearly 6 times higher.
48% of the most effective marketers have a well-planned content strategy.

Content marketing with a clear inbound methodology, is to produce and publish useful information that ‘Attracts, Convert, Close and Delights’ our customers. This could come in the form of a ‘How-to’ article, free eBooks as lead magnets, regular newsletters, videos, customer testimonials and case studies. All this content helps ‘strangers’ looking for a problem to solve online to become a customer.

With quality content, you also position yourself or business as a thought leader or expert in your field.


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How is content marketing beneficial for your SME business?

Content marketing is perhaps the most efficient way to increase brand awareness among consumers cost-effectively.

Thoughtfully produced content means you care about their problem enough to share solutions to solve it.

It is an opportunity for you to connect with online strangers seeking solutions.
Your content marketing should be about educating, a way to enhance and showcase what the user experience would be like and persuade them to want your offering, and be associated with your business.

Cost effective means of marketing

Content marketing can easily be delivered online to where people are hanging out on social media.
Blog posts, emails, white papers, YouTube videos and webinars, all have longevity and are always on factor. They’re generally more cost effective to produce and distribute in comparison to traditional advertising, which has shorter lifespan and impact.

While the primary purpose of the content is providing value to prospects, your ultimate aim is to drive the users to interact with your business. This mode of interaction can either be sharing your content on social platforms, subscribing to your newsletter or purchasing your products.

Content Marketing is undoubtedly critical to SMEs who want to stay relevant, create connection and conversion online. To stay in front of your competition. See our Get Digital Marketing training and coaching program to help you get clear strategy in place.


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