Are You Capitalising on Content?

From mass marketing, to direct marketing, to the ‘now’ era of social marketing: there’s no doubt that tapping in to the power of digital media is causing a radical shake up in the way companies ‘do’ marketing.

For smaller businesses and entrepreneurs, it’s great news.  After all, you don’t need a big-business size budget to create an equally strong online media presence and brand identity.  What’s potentially more important, is your ability to attract and genuinely connect with your audiences in a social space, in ways that are interesting, enlightening, entertaining, and authentic.

Content – The New Marketing Candy

Why?  Because consumers today are increasingly adept at tuning out the constant hard sell intrusion of traditional advertising. Instead they are actively seeking information that is relevant to their lifestyle, loves and interests.

It’s not surprising, then, that one of the biggest trends in social marketing today centres on content.

We’re seeing enormous growth in this sector, with a significant 76 percent of businesses increasing their content marketing budgets for 2015 – a clear indication of its success in improving search rankings and site traffic.

But content marketing is maturing well beyond its initial and most obvious SEO function.  In fact, search optimisation typically accounts for only about a third of website traffic.  Businesses that also take note of why they are getting visitors to their site and respond with customer-focused content that answers their needs, interests or inquiries are reaping the greatest rewards.

Traditional Vs-Content-Marketing

Captivate your audience with Content

They are building trust along with brand awareness, relationships along with positive sentiment, and a strong forum for sustained communication and conversation.  Brand loyalty naturally follows!

So – how well are you using content to engage new and existing customers?  Do you have a content marketing plan and editorial calendar?  Are you sticking to it?  And are you sure you really know how, when and where to publish for maximum impact?

While content marketing is clearly vital, it can obviously be challenging to keep producing and publishing enough fresh, quality content in all the right places to keep your target audiences’ interest peaked.    A content marketing agency is a good resource to help shape your strategy, refine your SEO, and create and curate industry news as content to engage your audience.

Most advocate a mix of 65 percent created content (your own) and 25 percent curated (quality articles published and shared from other sites).  Types of content typically incorporated into a content marketing strategy include blog posts, email newsletters, power point presentations, podcasts, videos, and of course social media posts.

That leads to another challenge: knowing where and how to publish.   Along with the growth in content marketing forums, there’s also been huge growth in the number and range of content marketing tools – both free and price-tagged.  Again, this can be outsourced to a professional content marketer, but for techno-savvy companies looking for the right tools to promote content themselves in a variety of ways, we suggest you look at Curata’s  Content Marketing Tools for a very exhaustive list to consider.

In fact, the list itself is possibly testimony to the explosive growth in content marketing and a sign that, if you haven’t already taken up the challenge, it’s time you did!  In our next post we’ll delve even deeper into why.

  • Your ideas have value in today’s knowledge economy
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field

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