9-Point Checklist to Turn Your Homepage to A Lead-Generation Engine

“Did you know that it just takes 8 seconds for a visitor to accept or reject a website?” Isn’t it crazy?

Since people’s attention span is consistently being clamour for, how do you ensure that you stand out as the ‘Purple Cow’ in your field? Do you have the right elements on your homepage, your main landing page of your website? Does it raise a visitors attention and desire to trade with you? Do you have a captivating headline, engaging content, striking images,  call to actions, strategically placed with a right balance of form, function, and features to attract, capture leads, nurture and convert to sales?

A website homepage is like a storefront of your business. People assess the value of your services or products through the homepage in just a few seconds. Just like how we subconsciously make conclusions with people and first impressions. That’s why we have put together a simple 9-point checklist for you to make sure that your website homepage has the most important elements to make that great first impression to start.

1. A Company Logo And Captivating Headline

Can a visitor tell within the first three seconds what your business is and become aware of your value proposition?
Ensure that your logo and an impressive headline does this job effortlessly.  Try to keep both the elements clean, concise and captivating. For example:

The headline and logo are simple yet captivating. Visitors instantly know what it is all about.

  • Here is are a few more popular international examples of logo and tagline of brands. We had a look to see how McDonalds or Macca’s is translating this to their website. Obviously, with such an international and visible presence, their website purpose is very different to a small business. What do you think they are trying to achieve with their online presence? Location, recruitment, upsell offers,  public relations, responsibility, and entertainment.


2. Persona Focus Design And Copy

If you don’t know your buyer persona through and through then chances are you are just adding elements and creating copy for a “fictional” user based on the guesses. The guesstimate is a risky business. The problem is, as this fictional “User” could be a geek or older person with a poor vision, the result could be a cluttered homepage with a heap of features that don’t really suit anyone’s actual needs. Therefore, do a prior research on your target audience, know their behavior and choose the design and copy fittingly. For example:

Searching for the top website for New Zealand, The warehouse homepage ranks #36 , which is top for category of general merchandising. With their design and value promise as ‘365 day no fuss returns. free click & collect over $30 – shop online & pick up in your local store. huge range of products.’ Who do you think their persona focus is? Notice the top three product categories are clothing and jewelry, home and garden, and electronics and gaming. We think their top main customers are personas are mothers with school kids, young adults in a new flatting situation and remote shoppers living rural areas.

Other top-ranked sites where auction, media and news and banking sites such as Trademe, Westpac Bank and Stuff .co.nz


A website with a simple search bar for the people who are looking for the accommodation with local experiences – perfect design with no fuss, direct search to book home stays in city areas. There are accommodation list outside of city areas, though the focus is to travelers that want an authentic stay with local hosts.


3. Impeccable Content And Language That Connects

Writing flawless content is a choice that shouldn’t be overshadowed by anything whether its budget or time. Always pay attention to every single word that goes on your homepage because that’s where the real magic starts and pushes the users to read further. Long, boring, redundant and useless content (yes, every word should be relevant and serve some purpose) will only scare the visitors away. For example:

The Oatmeal offers humorous comics and it’s content is witty, engaging and insanely funny. It instantly connects with the users and engages them thoroughly so that they stick around for a longer time.


4. Use Trust Indicators To Build Trust And Assurance

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