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Accelerating our business and personal success.

Revive Me Women’s Network is for women in professions with specialist skills and business owners who are enthusiastic about supporting each other to make a positive difference.

Our women in business group meetings have evolved from the needs of growing Women in business with specialist professions, who appreciate continuous learning, open exchanges, group accountability and coaching to  Accelerate business and personal success.
We are made up of women in specialist professions at varying levels of business growth.

Challenges: As there are always challenging issues in our life and business. Often, we may feel trapped, isolated and annoyed when things don’t go our way. Our group meetings are about sharing and hearing about those challenges. We provide a sounding board for each other, offer constructive feedback, and workshop on ways to improve and enhance our business and working life.

Learning outcomes: Join us and learn how to be better business owners or professions, create better systems, build valuable relationships with our clients, vendors, and even with competitors.
•Develop business vision and clarity
•Maximise time and productivity
•Get SMARTER with use of IT tools for SMB
•Grow business profitability with financial planning, business development, and joint marketing actions

Women in Business Group Coaching
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This program is approved for 50% funding from Regional Business Partner Network’s Training and Capability Development Scheme.  A program of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

To find out if you are eligible, click here.

Click here to view this service program on the Regional Business Partner Network’s website.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Increase retention rate
How to provide excellent customer service and care.

2. Get Smarter with Social Media Increase efficiency by using online tools, outsourcing, joint promotions, and bundling.

3. Lead generation system
Generating new leads by reaching out to new customer is often the most important task a business would undertake to grow.

4. Average transaction value
Focus on improving the quality of the goods and services so that the higher price set is justifiable.

5. Transaction frequency
Ways to increase sales and service to existing customer.

6. Reviewing cost of goods sold (COGS) & Overheads
Review current systems and processes to ensure they are cost-effective and efficient, to increase profit margin without having to alter the prices.

7. Know your planning
Have a clear end goal in mind and take the time to plan your steps towards it.

8. Prioritise and schedule your plan for execution
Set KPIs to keep track
Review and reflect at every milestone
Make tweaks and changes to your schedule and execution for improved efficiency


Women in Business Group Coaching
Single Cost
Total Cost
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Thank you for reserving a spot. Looking forward to seeing you!

Join a community that supports you in growing your business:

  • Meet like-minded women in business
  • Build your connections
  • Gain more confidence
  • Overcome your fears
  • Recognise your strengths
  • Identify and overcome barriers, to help you reach your goals.

We welcome new faces at every meeting.  If you would like to join we would be delighted to meet with you.


We are committed to empowering women in business.Members support each other through an exchange of ideas, peers support and business collaboration. Our vision is to become an inspiring and motivating entrepreneurial community of women, stepping into a feminine leadership and engaging with a global community to exchange with one another in business ideas, promotions, and trade.


Accelerate business growth and personal success through mutual collaboration.
Giving and receiving peer support, sharing knowledge, resources, and growing opportunities.

Value of joining Revive Me Women in Business Group

  • Monthly meetings
    Group meetings are held on every 4th Thursday morning for 2 hours from 9 am to 11 am, NZTE time
    Here’s  the opportunity for you to talk about your business, get connected with other members and build referral business relationships.
    Members are also encouraged to bring visitors to the network to grow the club’s membership,  increasing value and enlarge referral base. 
  • Nurture and glow topics
    At each meeting, a business development focus topic is facilitated by a member and guest speaker invited. Topics are varied and aimed to cover business success strategies.
  • Elevated Introduction:
    You get to practice how to introduce yourselves and another person in a concise and memorable way. 
  • Accountability and focus towards success
    As part of our monthly meetings, we go introduce ourselves to further improve our marketing message and share what your focus is for the month.
  • Collective intelligence and feedback
    We have a collective agreement towards positive learning, being open to constructive feedback, support ideas and act as your accountability group. Members commit to meet learn about each other businesses, exchange challenges, successes and offer each other ideas.
  • Collaborations and Referrals
    We encourage collaboration with each other. This could be through joint events, bundle product or services offers, and joint promotions. We are more propelled to refer a friend a business when you have built trust, confidence and personally know about each member’s business. By understanding your niche services and strengths. That it is good to share that referral made through the connection made in the meetings, however, people’s names can be kept anonymous, to protect the privacy of your client, when required.

Investment: Casual Membership

  • $30+GST  for first or casual attendance
  • $90+GST for quarter
  • $330+GST for an annual membership.

Annual Membership: Accountability and support with group mentorship, weekly reflections in closed FB group
30min follow-up call on second Friday of the month.

  • $180+GST for 3 months
  • $660+GST for annual

2 hours to attend workshop per month.
4-6 of hours to work on business actions. Review and report to accountability group in next meeting.


Women in Business Group Coaching
Single Cost
Total Cost
Booking Event ...
Thank you for reserving a spot. Looking forward to seeing you!
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