Unleashing The New Mobile App Economy

Smart Market AppsMobile Apps have exploded onto the marketing landscape in recent years, re-shaping the way companies and consumers communicate and increasing the frequency, relevance and value of those interactions.

That’s a powerful combination for building brand loyalty along with repeat business, and it’s a major driver behind the multi-billion dollar industry now known as the Mobile App Economy.

Are You Part of It?

The real power of mobile apps is that they are essentially the exact opposite of junk mail, spam and other random, unsolicited marketing material:  users choose to download apps onto their mobile devices because they contribute something of real value to their lives.  They meet a need, solve a problem, stimulate interest, entertain or simply save time.

Consider these figures:  There were 103 billion apps downloaded globally in 2013, up 59% on the previous year.  In 2014 that number jumped again to almost 180 billion, and predictions are that by 2017, we’ll reach a staggering 270 billion app downloads in the course of the year.

That’s right – billion, not million!

This incredible acceleration into a mobile economy has some business commentators likening it to the Industrial Revolution, and the movement shows no sign of abating any time soon.  Consumers are stating their preference loud and clear: they want immediate access to information ‘on the go’, anytime, anywhere, and businesses need to respond accordingly with a strong mobile presence or risk becoming invisible just when it matters most.

Smaller businesses aren’t off the hook in this respect.  In fact, they’re especially likely to appreciate better marketing ROI, since mobile apps are a far more affordable and effective means of engaging customers’ attention to promote products and services than traditional advertising options.

But I’ve already got a Web Site!App vs web

Maybe you think your web site is already doing this well enough – after all, isn’t that why you set one up in the first place!  (You have, haven’t you….) So, why evolve a mobile strategy too?

Well, consider these differences:  Mobile Apps are always visible on the mobile device home screen, but web sites aren’t.  Mobile apps launch within seconds, whereas it can be frustratingly slow to access web sites on-the-go.  And apps enable timely and targeted push notifications for direct contact and engagement with customers wherever they are, dramatically increasing the potential for a successful call-to-action.

losing customersThese are important issues for busy consumers.   They’re equally important issues for on-the-ball businesses who realise that any barrier to fast and easy access to their products and services translates to lost sales and service opportunities.

If you are looking to increase visibility, accessibility and direct contact with your customers, then investing in mobile marketing and publishing a mobile app for your business can be the tool to help you strengthen customer relationships, build brand loyalty, increase engagement, boost sales and enhance social networking strategies. Are you creating a mobile experience for your business to help generate repeat business?

If you’re still sitting on the fence and not already part of today’s Mobile App Economy, maybe you should consider this question: you may feel you’re not quite ready to develop and publish a Mobile App – but what are the implications to your business if your competition is?

To quote Pablo Picasso: “Action is the foundational key to all success”!

In our next post we’ll look at the key steps to consider when developing and marketing a mobile app as a sales and communications benefit to potential app users.


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