Do my small business really need a branded mobile app?

A branded mobile apps are the most powerful tool you can have at your disposal as a small business owner.
If you haven’t got an app on offer to your customers yet, you are missing out on marketing to customers on their personal 24/7 connection tool, and potentially losing customers to your competition.

More and more people are using apps for everything, from social media, shopping, making appointments, watching tv, playing games, and more. No matter what type of business you’re in, developing an app to offer to your customers is a really good idea.

There are several things you’ll want to remember when developing your app.

Firstly, make sure that your app is easy to use and navigate, and offers an easy, enjoyable experience for your customers. Have your info handy, offers and mobile loyalty features front and center, search options, blogs and more right at the forefront, and easily click-able. If your customers can get in and out of the app quickly, while achieving what they need, they’ll be more likely to visit the app often.

Stay in touch with your customers via the app. Don’t harass them, of course, but keep consistent contact with them about incentives, coupons, deals, specials and other perks you have on offer. You can even use geo-fencing to help you with more location-based communication.

Also make sure you have contact info and clickable links to where your customers can get in touch with you via email, private message or phone. The app should make the customer feel that your business is more accessible, not less.

The first step is to build your app.

Not sure where to start? Smart Market Apps can help. We will  build you a customized, functional app that has everything you need. It is easy to use and affordable, compared to more expensive app developers. You’ll have a streamlined, polished app to be published on both Google and iTunes store.

Bring your business into the future with a branded mobile app today.


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