Market Development

Strategy and action plan

Identify the best growth opportunities
for your company

Maximise the success of your marketing efforts with a coordinated plan and budget.

REMC offers comprehensive services as your “on board” marketing consultant. We work with you and your team to provide objective strategic assessment and research. To follow through, we offer market insights and recommend innovative strategies which address challenges and exploit opportunities.

Developing a marketing plan provides a better line of sight to both current challenges and new business opportunities.

The key purposes of this planning process are to :
1) Identify optimal growth strategy and financial targets
2) Develop marketing structure
3) Formulate a comprehensive plan to sustain and expand domestic and international markets

REMC offers a proactive and facilitated approach to this planning process. We support you by providing an outline of the plan, formulating and conducting surveys, research and any other specific task required to put in place a clear and robust plan for management and team.

For innovative and technologically savvy markets, we investigate the most attractive growth strategies. This could be product acquisitions, line extensions, technology in/out licensing and co-marketing.


  • A Market Development Strategic Plan gives clarity on the marketing road map
  • It outlines the viability of product development or new markets to penetrate and gain a market share
  • Provides an unbiased assessment to give you a true market overview and recommended action

SMART marketing plan outlines:

  • Growth aspirations
  • Business model and market strategy
  • Market feasibility & implementation
  • Operations and processes
  • Financing and budgeting market resources
  • Customer acquisition and retention activities
  • Resources and partnerships required
  • Government and regulation impacts
    (e.g. trademarks, patent, political environment, culture, .etc.)


  • Guide and/or administer a strategic marketing plan & process
  • Conduct competitive research and survey
  • Functional and operational assessment
  • Comprehensive SMART marketing plan with action list, review and follow up


Often companies with R&D capabilities and a focus on innovation would be able to seek project
research grants from NZTE (New Zealand Trade Enterprise) or MSI (Ministry of Science). As part of your
application for funding and application of grants, a well-developed market development plan
will help your process for application immensely.

How to Design a Marketing Plan A Video produced by eHow.
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