Marketing state review

Review your business state to recognise
key challenges and possible marketing solutions.

“Study the past if you would define the future.” ― Confucius

Following is a short series of questions developed to help you examine the stage and marketing position.
We suggest a notebook handy to comment on critical thoughts and considerations you might observe.
This exercise offers clarity to the ideal state that you might aspire for your organisation or business venture.

Estimated time for this exercise: 10 minutes.

Marketing fundamentals: What stage are you at?

  • I’ve have been in business for a while:
    -My business has been growing steadily and it has been successful.
    -We are in the stage of developing new products and harness new market opportunities.
    -We are growing our distribution channels with resellers that need marketing information and support.
  • I have a new business venture:
    -I’m in the process of setting up my competitive brand profile and statement.
    -I could benefit working with an experienced marketing professional to refine my marketing strategy.
    -I want better results from my marketing efforts.

Check point:

Market clarity:

  • Do you have clarity of who your clients are, profile of their needs and why have you decided to serve them?

Communicating and delivering value:

  • How do you communicate the value of your service that is attractive, interesting and persuasive to your prospects?
  • Does your clients know the benefits and outcomes you deliver? How often do you gain feedback from them?
  • Do you have clients that are advocates and regularly refer businesses to you?
  • Do you provide incentives and reward your staff or resellers, when they deliver outstanding service experience to your clients?

Identifying marketing challenges:

  • We need to review and refine our marketing strategy.
    -Our challenge is lack of time, appropriate or expert skill set to develop this.
  • I’ve found preparing and providing marketing information:
    -A necessary and time consuming process
    -Request for information on our products and services for quote and tender is both a delight and a pain
    -We can benefit with a better way to communicate and share information with other colleagues
  • My organisation is establishing overseas agents and resellers
    -I need to prepare and update marketing content to support their marketing activities.
    -I need a strategy that motivates and rewards my resellers to achieve and grow our market share.

Check point:

Perceived image:

  • Do you have a brand, an impressive website that truly communicates your image and brand?
  • Is it competitively positioned to attract the awareness and interest of desired audiences?
    (Target market, investor, potential agents, clients, community and other public group that have an interest in your enterprise)
  • How are you educating your prospect on everything that you do and related services you provide to meet their needs?

Marketing strategy:

  • Do you have clear objective for your business and which markets you want to retain or grow?
  • How do you get updated on the competitive environment and marketing trends that would impact your business?

Ideal situation that will help your business.

We have included suggested marketing actions that we can assist and help accelerate.

Desired situation Recommended marketing actions
We would like to formulate effective ways to present the organisation and
communicate to the rest of the team.
Branding & Communications
We want more prospective customers and other audiences
to be informed of our product innovations, services and other activities.
Marketing audit and advise,
Database set-up, Content development
We would like to have some marketing direction to move forward.
Set clear activities with Key Performance Indicators for accountability of our marketing efforts and resources
Marketing audit, Marketing development strategy
We are evolving and need a marketing and communications facelift
to keep ahead of trends and competition
Branding and communications,
Market development planning,
Web building, content and online marketing

We hope this exercise help you evaluate your key marketing success factors and required actions to attain your ideal business situation.
To find out how we can help, please review REMC’s services and ‘Quick start REMC’ packages.

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