Kiwis move to more mobile devices

The big change in information and communication technology in recent years is in how and where people are accessing the Internet.

In 2009, desktop computers dominated in over two-thirds of New Zealand homes. Now laptops have taken top spot as the most common way people connect. But this is not just about replacing types of technology. There are more types of devices available to connect with, and this is something Kiwis are embracing.


Smartphones have announced their presence: a third of households used a mobile phone to access the Internet in 2012, an increase of 26 percent since 2009. At an individual level, a quarter of all recent Internet users now connect via their mobile phone.

Based on the growth and sales for smartphone, in 2014 the percentage of household using internet enable mobile phone will be 60%.

The next report update will be in 2015.

Extract from Statistics NZ report:Household Use of Information and Communication Technology: 2012


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