#Hashtags-are you doing it right?

Using hashtags is a critical part of success in social media. After all, it’s what makes your content discoverable by others. As simple as they may seem, there are right ways to use them, wrong ways to use them, and all sorts of nuances to understand in-between.

For example:

  • Do find out what relevant hashtags are trending and use them too
  • Do cater your hashtags to the social network you’re posting to (Twitter vs. Instagram)
  • Do create your own, unbranded hashtag (For example, Herschel Supply Co. uses #welltravelled)


  • Don’t use too many letters in your hashtags #noonewillbeabletoreadthem
  • Don’t use excessive or irrelevant hashtags (keep it at 5 or less)
  • Don’t use hashtags on Pinterest unless it’s part of a campaign (they categorize it for you)

Article from HootsuiteHashtags


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