Five factors to consider when planning your online content marketing strategy

When building a guideline for my own marketing business and of my clients, I’ve researched on what the successful online marketers do to gain consistency in their content building and communications strategy.

Here are five factors to consider when planning your online content marketing strategy:

  1. Find out where your customers are engaged online.
    Which magazines are your audience reading? On social media, find out which is the most relevant and active community groups will your prospect customers be reading and posting questions in. Join these communities to get a sense of the issues and topics of interest.
  2. Establish a listening campaign
    Take the opportunity to read and keep abreast of current trends from other industry experts. It is helpful to know who are the influential personalities ‘doing the talking’ and what’s being said.
  3. Consider how you will connect with the more influential ‘conversationalists’ within those communities.
    Everyone interaction with online media consumption and behavior differs. Some people are more ‘connected’ online and ‘connected’ almost 24/7 and addicted to be in the ‘know’. Others check in once a week or every other day with notifications sent to another email account set-up and devoted to receiving notifications from their online community.Set a plan with frequency that is right for you. How often should you will go online to be ‘social’, and active enough to interact with the community.
  4. Ask questions (surveys), participate and contributing to conversations (comments/discussion forums) and sharing your expertise (your content):
    Share whatever is going on in your offline world with your online community. As much as possible include pictures and videos as visuals have higher engagement and view rate. Reach out to other bloggers (guest blogging) on topics that you are personally concerned about. Be genuine with your answers. People are astute and can quickly find out if you are a spammer or trying to hard sell.
  5. Set expectations
    Last but not least, you should also respond to the comments that you hear while listening.
    Develop policies and guidelines so you and others in your organization will engage consistently and respectfully with potential customers via digital and social means.

Never forget that your reputation – online and offline – is a function of those who represent you and interact with customers. Engage respectfully and consistently with employees and customers.

REMC provides Content development strategy and support:

We can your innovative business get started on content marketing and social media guidelines.

  • Our objective is to set-up a content marketing strategy
  • Create better awareness of the value you and your company offers to potential customers
  • Create fresh, compelling and timely content.

Following through, we offer research and to build a list of online publications and groups you could  engage with, share posting with and put a checklist and action plan for your content marketing success.

To find out more, contact us.


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