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Most small and medium sized businesses with web and social media presence have not considered a digital marketing strategy.
You have invested in website, company and product brand building, and looking to gain better traction and sales online.

Get Digital Marketing program is designed for business owners or their staff to gain essential digital knowledge and practical actions they can take to grow their business online. Learn how to effectively use digital marketing techniques and tools to update your company or organization online profile, build attraction, grow market reach, social interactions and sales with leads conversion.


  • Identify some of the latest digital marketing trends and skill sets needed for today’s marketers.
  • Have a structure to implement a plan, set processes and manage your digital marketing actions, by allocation and share the responsibility of the team.
  • Evaluate the importance of your digital marketing assets, which ones actually matter the most to your business.
  • Learn how to effectively use different digital and offline channels to maximize your marketing efforts.
  • Explore the vital role of analytics in your online marketing efforts and the challenges facing marketers


Get SMART and get Digital Marketing
Module 1:
• Analyse existing website purpose, traffic and web development and online advertising opportunity.
• Learn how to increase SEO rankings and gain more qualified traffic.

Module 2:
• Create engaging content to grow customer interest, increase customer database and interest list.
• Build digital assets or upload products/services for online awareness and sales.

Module 3:
• Activate better Social Media Marketing actions with monthly plan.
• Prepare a Digital Marketing Plan for the year, integrated with offline marketing efforts.

Module 4 (Optional)
• Review Mobile Marketing potential new marketing channel.
• Learn how to prepare Mobile app, SMS marketing to connect with customers via their mobile.

Course Delivery:
Prepared as 2 x 2 hours sessions for each module, delivered one on one or with a small group as a workshop.
Each module is a staged approach.

Time commitment for each module is 5 hours contact time and 3-4 hours self-directed reading and review, to be completed in a week.
This can be delivered in part with small group or one on one session, either in person or via telephone, follow-up communications are via email and video conference via skype.
To commerce, we arrange an initial 1 hour web marketing capability discussion, provide assessment handouts and action task for your business to complete in a time frame of 1 week.

The investment for each module is NZ$900+GST. (Up to 50% funding from NZTE on approval if your business is eligible.)


Andrew Farndon- Fuel360 Taranaki


I work as an executive assistant at a busy investment office that helps to manage a broad range of business. Over the past 15 years I have dabbled in sales, marketing and brand engagement but with no training. I was recently put in charge of the digital and online marketing for a few of the Business we help to manage and wanted some training on the best means to engage our customers. I enrolled in all 4 modules ‘Get Digital Marketing’ with Rosalina from Revive Me marketing. This is a great mid-entry level digital marketing course. The content touches on many of the basic aspects and tools used for digital marketing as well as providing insights into SEO rankings, building digital assists and preparing an integrated marketing plan. I found Rosalina to be a great sounding board as well as helping with creative brain storms. I think it would be helpful to anyone doing this course to first familiarise yourself with some of the online basics such as Facebook, Linkedin, Mailchimp, Twitter and in particular google analytics. The course for me was valuable and a good size/scale to fit in with a busy workload. Rosalina was very accommodating when working in with my schedule. Helena Williams- Chillaxing.


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