Creating engaging videos for marketing on-the-fly

I took friday off last week to hit our local ski field and enjoy the sights of the mountain. For someone coming from the tropics, the snowy mountain is as far away from sunny equatorial Singapore as it can be.

Taking the opportunity of lovely sun rise and blue bird day, I walked out and too a few snapshots and video to capture the moment.

Using new downloaded mobile app Magisto, it took me 5mins to create this video and another 2mins to share it on twitter and Facebook.


Creating engaging videos for marketing on the fly

With smart phones, which most of us have and  carry almost all of the time, we have the power to create videos that capture important moments or customers personal reviews of our products or service. Integrating videos as a consistent marketing strategy for your business is not as difficult or costly.

Global marketing trends and the undeniable popularity of Youtube has proven that videos are more clicked to view then a full page written article.  Its all about getting the right mix in your digital marketing activity. Reports of shown customer prefer watching short video clips with good audio, followed by viewing infographic, then reading engaging article which captivating headline that they are interested in.

Most quality Andriod & iPhones  (from 4S and above) would have good quality video camera on it. Editing apps are plentiful for doing basic edits on the phone. Then it’s as easy as a couple of clicks to upload your video to a YouTube account,  social media platforms and embed in onto a web page.

Generating videos from our smartphones are fantastic and functional way to capture informal moments. The great thing about filming with your phone is that it’s always with you, which makes it very easy to create videos on-the-fly.

Some examples for informal videos that can be great for marketing

  • Review of the products you sell in use when you’re out and about – ask the customer if you can grab a few seconds of video showing it
  • Getting a mini testimonial from someone who has just enjoyed great service from you – get that on video in the moment while your customer is raving about your service.
  • Showing changes in your business. For example, if you’re having some new equipment delivered, or your shop-front window is having a season change makeover – get it on video to show that you’re moving with the times, and keeping the business fresh
  • Do a quick ‘rough cuts’ behind the scenes video to show your staff doing what your business is proudly known for.

As good as the smart-phones are for creating videos, there is still a need for professional video taking and editing with audio.
It is a fine line between not using any video in your business at all and creating videos which are of poor quality, that they put people off your business!

In my next article, I will share on the 5 basic video creation principals to create engaging videos on-the-go.


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