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  • Figure out the market, before and after you build your products

    Earlier this month, I attended a seminar on New Venture Creation: ‘Three Steps to Test and Validate Any Market Opportunity.’ (Co-presented by The Icehouse and SODA (Hamilton, NZ) . Both businesses incubating organisations focus on supporting start-ups with business growth programs.) The seminar was delivered by invited speaker Dr. Rob Adams, an experienced entrepreneur, active […]

  • Five factors to consider when planning your online content marketing strategy

    When building a guideline for my own marketing business and of my clients, I’ve researched on what the successful online marketers do to gain consistency in their content building and communications strategy. Here are five factors to consider when planning your online content marketing strategy: Find out where your customers are engaged online. Which magazines […]

  • True sense of the term ‘Innovation’

    Let’s face it, the term innovation has been too often coined to describe products and organisation. The true sense of being innovative can be ambiguous to well-marketed and ‘instant gratification’ seeking society. Surely it is not a simple instance of ‘Faster, Better, Cheaper (or may we be more politically correct to say more cost-efficient) as […]

  • Roles of marketing consultant, contractor and employee

    I’ve been asked by both by prospective clients and networking acquaintances, what distinguish the work we do as a marketing consultant, with a marketing agency, contractor for projects and in-house marketing employee. In my working career as a marketer and freelance contractor, wearing  these hats comes part of  dynamics of working with various clients and […]