REMC provides SMART digital marketing solutions to connect with your audience online.

Revive ME Marketing (REMC) is a SMART marketing company that helps businesses and organisations energise growth through refreshing your web, mobile and social media profile.


We love working with entrepreneurs who are innovators. We have clients in hospitality, wellness, food producers, science and technology industries.

Get mobile marketing! Smart Market Apps is our developing service, publishing affordable iOS and Android mobile apps to connect with your customers on-the-go.


Unsure about what steps to take?
Get started on the right path to achieve marketing success.

Approach to solving marketing problemsA common problem many businesses have is not knowing what marketing efforts have worked, or how effective they could or should be. An assessment with one-on-one guidance and support from an experienced and expert authority in marketing can help clarify them.

With a discovery chat, we uncover your key marketing challenges and objectives. Next, we outline a plan, conduct necessary research, to deliver sound marketing advice and support. We are experienced in developing a digital marketing strategy,  creating your brand promise and activating mobile marketing and social campaigns. Our objective is to develop sound business and marketing goal and set achievable targets and recommended actions to double your business.

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Training Capability and Digital Business Accelerator Programs

Approved service provider delivering 50% funded  Training and Capability Development. administered by Regional Business Partner Network- A program of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

Revive Me Marketing offers three funded programs developed to meet the growing needs of entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses.

Looking to grow your business profitability through digital marketing systems and services? Want more direction and support on how to attract, nurture and convert with a growing audience on the web, social and on mobile?

  1. Appraising New Markets is for businesses with and producers of products looking to expand into new and overseas markets:
    · Assess your market capability,
    · Review competitive market environment
    · Size market potential, evaluate distribution networks and demand trendsOutcomes:
    Make informed decisions, reduce market risk, improve brand value and market attraction

To see more information on scope, click on Appraising New Markets

Brand Identity and Attraction

Ensure that your brand and message attract your desired customers.

Is your brand successful in communicating and converting clients
Does it communicate the right benefits?
Building a good brand creates a positive image and perception in the mind of your clients
and other important stakeholders (i.e. potential investors, financial institutes, distributors, general public).
Whether you are marketing to domestic or international markets, creating a successful brand requires several elements: A strong impression, consistency and valued experiences of your product or service.

Before you spend substantial time and money on print and online media promotions, let us help you create an effective Brand identity that you can identify with.


  • Build a successful brand identity that is distinctive and consistent
  • Develop marketing media plan, news release and follow up for free publicity
  • Plan promotion and lead generation activities

To see more information on scope, click on Branding and communications

Content Marketing and Social Media Management

content-marketing servicesContent Marketing is the creation and management of digital information such as blogs, social media updates, infographics, videos, eNewsletters, and  text on your website.

It is important to have a content marketing strategy that aligns your business core values and reaching out to range of audiences’ needs, and preferred ways of consuming content.

We can help with content creation, writing, copy editing, promotion, website updates and social media postings and research on trending topics, optimised for  search. (SEO).

For more information on services, click on


Why engage a marketing consultant?: And selecting the right one,working in partnership to grow your business

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”-Albert Einstein

Engaging a consultant to help you reach your business objectives is an important decision.
Our key objective is to help you gain results for your business.

Having a professional review your business and marketing model adds accountability and focuses on your objectives.
A good consultant is one that brings all the skills, experience and knowledge necessary to understand the specific capabilities, industry and market challenges. Another compelling benefit of working with a consultant is that we offer new perspectives to problem solving and formulate a plan to work through with you.

At Revive ME Consulting, we possess five key attributes to succeed and overcome your marketing challenges:5 step web marketing and development process

  1. Strategic thinking:
    We get the fundamentals of business right, by setting baseline objectives before tactics.
  2. Experience with innovative enterprises:
    We believe in keeping an open mind to innovations and have supported companies of the same mindset.
  3. Delivering a proven process:
    A proven framework and system that considers your industry challenges and target profile.
  4. Documenting results:
    Measuring results and identifying the best approach to analyse what works and what doesn’t.
  5. Growing networks:
    We are prepared to serve your long term needs and make introductions to resources and connections that will impact your business supply and value chain.

Our approach and scope

1. Review & uncover
key challenges

Review marketing fundamentals and discover if your efforts are making the right impact.
To determine this, we focus on the key business and marketing challenges, together with information flow throughout your business value chain.

REMC offers this systematic review as a ‘marketing health check’.
This valuable process profiles immediate opportunities with validation. Select growth markets and create  powerful marketing message to attract desirable clients.

To help clarify your situation, challenges and aspirations, review My marketing status

2. Create a
competitive position

Are you looking to retain and grow your organisation’s brand and market position?
Developing a marketing plan is critical to match an organisation’s resources and capabilities for long term survival and growth.

This dynamic process gives clarity and a road map for management, and an action plan for functional and operational sales team.

We can guide you to develop a SMART marketing strategy,
complete with budget and action plan that is:
• S-pecific to objective
• M-easurable for accountability
• A-ctionable to deliver what is required
• R-esponsive and report driven
• T-ime specific to manage results

3. Communicate
your difference

ReVive ME Clients Promise

To ensure that we provide the best value and interest towards your business, our consultants are happy to meet and conduct an initial assessment, understand your marketing challenges and needs.

REMC is positioned to help innovative organisations, businesses and entrepreneurs to energise growth through:

  • Offer new perspectives to changing marketing climate.
    Provide unbiased assessment of current marketing architecture and client segment.
  •  Build stronger brand equity to accelerate growth.
    Refine existing content, visual representation of website and product information
    This extends to online search-ability (SEO) and value presentations to raise client’s confidence and trust.
  •  Maximise Marketing ROI (return on investment)
    Formulate overall Strategy, action plan for online and traditional media communications.
    Marketing tools to enhance consumer attraction, perception and desire to engage.

You can decide after our review and follow up proposal if there is a right fit in working with us.
We like to work with you if you are 100% committed to growth with a purpose and want to propel your business to the next level.

For positive results with your marketing investment, contact Revive ME for a consultative chat.

Want to Get SMART and accelerate your business to double your online inquiries and sales?

Book a 30 mins call and an assessment to see if we are the right fit to be working or partnering with you.

GET Digital Marketing

Grow online presence and double business in 12 weeks

  • Enhance your brand attraction, create inbound marketing content
  • Find SEO and SEMM opportunities to grow reach, nurture your interactions
  • Convert this leads to sales

From $1800

Marketing Message Refresh

Create more engaging content with a ‘cut-throught-the-clutter’ formula

  • Refresh your marketing message
  • Update social media profiles and services
  • Update on website, CV and directories

From $600

Quick Start Branding

Review Brand Strategy
in a week

  • Build successful brand identity, format an outstanding design and tagline
  • Set-up digital media strategy, communications and media action
  • Graphic design package sized for web, email signature and  social media profiles

From $500

Appraising New Markets

Identify viable growth opportunities- 16 weeks program

  • Review market capability analysis for new markets
  • Size market potential, potential distribution networks
  • Create a more competitive brand value and attraction to target markets

 from $2400



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